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Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Ideas

valentine-day-roseConventional valentines day centerpiece ideas may all look much the same, but they needn’t. It all depends on how you want to celebrate.  Strictly traditional red roses? Exotic, long lasting tropical anthuriums, bright, youthful gerbera daisies or something more avant garde, like elegant white calla lilies? Do determine your valentine style, consider how you’ll spend Valentine’s day this year. Will you be going away for a romantic weekend? Going out for dinner? Maybe taking the evening out for a visit to the theatre, the opera or the ballet?

What ever your style, there have never been more choices in Valentine Flowers, but there’s not getting way from the fact that Valentine’s Day is all about romance. In Europe, Valentines day is entirely for adults, here in the USA we think everyone should join in the fun, so, even if you are planning a big night out, or weekend away, why not decorate your home? It’s a great antidote to the chills of February, the coldest month of the year.

Whatever you do, remember it’s supposed to be fun. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do.

First – choose a flower.  Tradition demands red roses, but that tends to mean they are ridiculously expensive. My favorites for 2012 are gerberas and anthuriums, not necessarily together.  Geberas are cheerful, youthful and fun, while most red roses, well the truth is that red roses were prized for their scent. Sadly the scent is linked to the flowers lifetime, in order to create flowers that last, most breeders have reduced the scent to the point where it’s almost undetectable. So, if you feel scent is important, I’ll let you into a little secret.

Don’t buy cut flowers. There’s another way to help a flower enthusiast celebrate valentines day, an anniversary or even a birthday, and that’s with a living plant. Buy a wonderfully fragrant rose or rose tree and plant it. Better still, buy two and plant them either side or a door or window, to get the best effect of the scent. My favorites for this would be ‘Shakespeare” or ‘Gertrude Jekyll‘ from David Austen Roses if you’re looking for a red, wonderfully fragrant rose. Both are on my shopping list, though I’m hoping that my husband will find ‘Indigo’ an heirloom, very scented rose which flowers repeatedly throughout the year, and one of the oldest roses, Rosa Rugosa Alba, which not only blooms repeatedly and has a beautiful scent, it’s foliage turns yellow as winter approaches and the rose is covered with bright red hips, perfect for winter garden.

The major part of your decoration will be your Valentines Day centerpiece. You might choose to develop something for the center of a hall table, something that will set the mood of the whole house, or you might choose to create a long low arrangement for your dinner table., but why stop there?  There are many other decorations which suit a romantic theme. Why not add a kissing ball, scented flowers in your bedroom, a candle centerpiece on the table and a beautiful floral wreath for your front door?  If you’ve thought how bare your home looks since the Christmas decorations went away, fix the problem! Start decorating for Valentines day now!


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